Thursday, 9 October 2014

Introducing "a little liturgy"

Welcome to "a little liturgy"

As Mum of a 10yr old, I have recently been preparing my son for First Holy Communion and this has made me re-examine my own beliefs.  It has made me realise that my own religious and spiritual understanding is often woefully inadequate.  So this blog is an attempt to remedy this and provide a resource that will help adults and children alike become "grown up Catholics".

It also has another aim.  In a brief survey of Catholic blogs on the net, I come across, time and again, not uplifting and enriching debate but partisan positioning of what I will call the liberal and conservative camps.  Infighting will not help the recovery of the Church and so let us "grow up" and in the words of Vatican II aim to "foster whatever can promote union among all who believe in Christ".  

To this end, I have gone back to basics and made my focus the Word as it is given to us in the weekly Sunday liturgy.   I hope that I have created something accessible and useful to all but especially parents, who, like me need some help to avoid infantalising the faith.  

What to expect from a little liturgy:

1)  Summary of Liturgy of the Word

2)  Discussion and some ideas for debate

3)  Activity for use during Mass 

4)  Other activities and useful resources

Please feel free to pick and choose whatever you find useful and print as you wish.

I hope that you enjoy this week's little liturgy.


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